About us

The industry is forever changing and so are the requirements of Car Dealers.
Our role is to work alongside each dealer helping them maximise their vehicle exposure on the internet and reducing the laboriousness of keeping information current and creating accounts.
We have developed a system that works with many other systems encompassing true data flow and reducing information entry to a minimum.
We intend to be second to none and provide tools our clients require today and tomorrow to help their business thrive. 

Caryard Solutions is a division of 1 Group. We have worked with Car Dealerships since 2005. Our services have evolved from Website Design and Hosting to Full Car Dealership Solutions.
Working with Car Dealerships over the years has helped us understand each individual’s needs and true costs with running their business.

Our approach is simple. We have listened to our clients, created a system that meets all of their needs and now are making it available to all Car Dealerships.
We have looked at the good and not so good solutions available around the world and created what we consider the best combination of them all. Our main focus was to make it Car Dealer friendly by using a well know navigation structure. We then ensured the customers end was simple, clean and clear adapting another well known main stream websites  tools.


Our Team of 10 Coders and 3 Graphic Designers provide not only excellence in design but also in functionality.

Led by Development Manager Mark Taitimu, Caryard Solutions strives to be the market leader for all Car Dealerships. 


  • 2005 – NZ Autos
  • 2008 – NZ Caryard
  • 2010 – Caryards
  • 2011 – Caryard Solutions / CYS


The Internet and the many tools we use today to access it like Tablets and Smartphones help us run and manage our business and lives remotely.

We will continue to enhance our systems to be current with all major developments in the industry keeping you at the front technology wise in your industry .