Why change to our system?

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This is a question everyone should ask themselves. Strange thing for us to say you may think but we say it because you should have good reason to make a change from an existing system to us.

Let’s look at the first reason, Price.

Are we the cheapest, no. Are we the most expensive, no.
We aren’t the cheapest because we don’t just provide a listing tool for your website, we provide a set of Management tools to run and measure your business performance.

I don’t want to have to learn yet another system.

I agree. You want to focus on getting the best cars and selling them for the best margins. We have looked at of the main software systems being used in NZ, Australia, UK and the USA and combined the best of all.
If you have used Grant Day Dealer software before you will find  our software a breeze. We have structured our navigation and tools to encompass many of the tools they have, we have also added others and our own.

What is the difference between your software and others?

  • Our system is completely web based. This means no software is required to access your system and you can access it from anywhere via a web browser. Even on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. You are no longer tied to your desk.
  • We manage and maintain the system at our end. you can focus on what you do best. Selling cars.
  • We are available by email 24/7/365 and phone 7 days.
  • All systems are backed up daily, weekly and monthly automatically. No more manual backing up.
  • We provide full website development services. No more chasing different parties to get an answer.
  • We have worked with Dealerships for over 11 years and our system has been used by Caryard’s since 2006.
  • Your business changes like most. you can upgrade/downgrade your plan at any time. There’s no fee’s involved.
  • We can setup your account in 5 minutes and you can start loading your listings straightaway. No software, Firewalls or in house installation/setup to worry about.

Free Website Hosting

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Many caryards have come to us to integrate our system into their website.
During this process we have found some are paying anything from $20-$100/month for the service.
In most cases we can host your website for you (we provide full hosting services including unlimited email accounts and domain name management) reducing your total monthly cost plus you will only have to deal with one company instead of a few.

Search Engine Friendly

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We design websites that look good and are Search Engine Friendly.

This includes W3C standard coding as well as Search Engine Friendly URL’s. What that means is if you look at your listing on your website and it has a lot of numbers and letters at the end that mean nothing to you, well they mean nothing to search einges as well. A missed opportunity.
We make your listings friendly by automatically replacing thos numbers and letters with your year, make, model of your vehicle. Since that infomration matches your listings content serch engines give you the big thumbs up and that vehicle is listed.

We also give each page listing the same title increasing relevance to the vehicle also.

Do this with all listings and your entire website will move up the rankings also.

Export to Trademe

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Simply select which vehicles you wnat to export where, update or save that list and then click on ‘Export’. No re-keyying info again, no typo’s, no wasting time. Unlike desktop solutions that can take up to 30 minutes to complete, our system takes only a few seconds, literally.
Our system is geared specifically for these processes.
We currently have Trade me (via autobase), Autotrader, Driveright loaded as export formats. We can add new formats in a matter of minutes adn you can use it straight away.

Clean Professional Design

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Once at the vehicle you want you can select the finance term, print it in a userfridnely PDF format, Send it to a friend to look at and even add it to your Facebook walal for all to see and be able to click on back to your website.
You will notice the photos are all large size so no need to click to see larger size. All photos are displayed on a carousel strip so they can scroll through qucikly or simply hover ove rthe main image to to move forward or back.
To encourage people to stay on your website we have also added the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ car buttons so they are encouraged to search through your stock.
A ‘Save’ tool allows users to save vehciles they like so they can compare or revisit later. they do no need to login to do this either.

User Friendly

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Most people aren’t computer geeks like us. They want to be able to find a selection vehicles they want quickly and easily. Too complicated and they will move on.
We have been very careful with our listing design and layout a well as the information we display. We have asked you, as car dealers plus the general public what is important and what isn’t when searching for cars.
We want to help them find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
Information is at hand or 1 click away for more detail.

Unlimited Listings / Photos

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We provide you Unlimited Listings and Photos so you arent limited by the number of photos you may want to use when highlighting out the detail or your vehicle. Sometimes a handfull will be fine but in some instances you may want 30 or more to show specific angles or views as is the case with high spec vehicles.

We include many mainstream tools like List and Gallery view plus tools we have created ourselves specifically to enhance visitors experience at your website.
As we all know, a picture paints a thousand words. How many people can you reach out to with those extra photos highlighting a different aspect of the vehicle?

Fuelsaver and Motorweb

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Fuelsaver and Motorweb.

Our administration system provides automated input of data straight from the Government Agency Sources.

Not only does this save time but also avoids any costly keyying errors.

Simply click on the ‘Load from Fuelsaver’ button after entering either VIN, Chassis or Plate Number and all data they have in their system is loaded into your listing. No more manually going to their website and re-entering the same information to generate Fuelsaver information.


Alternatively if you have an account with Motorweb you can click on ‘Load from Motorweb’ and you will load even more information from a single click. If you don’t you can sign up in our admin section.

All information is sent via an encrypted key providing you security not avaialable otherwise.


Loading your Fuelsaver information will automatically generate a compliant Fuelsaver label with all information on it for your Window Card

Save time, Be more accurate, You are more profitable.


Fuelsaver have now loaded thousands of European vehicles that previously weren’t available!

W3C Web Standards

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What is W3C Web Standards? Here’s the wikipedia definition

In application with website coding it is a standard of good practise and coding. At first you may think, well if it works whats the need to look pretty for the sake of it? It takes a bit longer and costs more?

The simple answer is  Search Engine Indexing.

Many, and when I say many I really mean most websites created today are slap happy coding. yes they look the same as a compliant coded website but you can miss out on critical indexing of content in your website.

It can be the difference between being on page 1 or 2 on Google and being page 15 ie you are not found.

Why aren’t all website designed to meet this standard? The main reason is many Web Developing tools allow multiple ways to create the same look and functionality. The Developer is not doing anything wrong, apart from checking the work at the end.

What’s the result of doing this? If your website is fully compliant then ALL of your content has the ability to be indexed by search engines. If it isn’t then maybe only parts of your website will be indexed because Search Engines see something that has erorrs and won’t continue through the rest of the code.

We follow W3C standards to ensure our clients the best opportunity to be found, indexed and ultimately have people purchase from you.

Check if your website is compliant now but entering the website addresses of all of your pages here http://validator.w3.org/


6 x Google Listing

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That’s right, each car will be indexed 6 times with Google. that’s 6 times the chance of people finding your vehicle online.

Caryard Solutions is a unique system in that all of your displayed listings will be indexed by Google from our main Portal and your individual listing website.

Our system has contributed to clients having 30,000 page views per month. You don’t have to be a mathematician to work out how that converts to sales.

No other system in the industry provides this powerful tool except for us.

We perform this in a way that is not repetitious to search engines so are treated as individual listings.