We have designed Caryard Solutions with both the Customer and Caryard in mind.

We provide both Management/Administration tools and Full Website Development and Hosting Services.

For the Customer we have:

1Larger Images

Images larger so no need to click to enlarge.

2Easy Navigation

Easy to scroll through images (3 different ways so customer can use the method they like the best)

3Quick Search

The main search options customers use including using your stock number as a Quick Search when advertising in Print or for in-house use.


4Save Vehicles

Save vehicles that you like which show on a list on the left side so you can compare or revisit them later.

5Previous / Next

Easily move through the vehicles selected in the Search area without having to go back to the main search area each time…click to the next or previous vehicle. 


Saved Cars list that you can compare or revisit.


We list clear simple information about the vehicle. We use familiar techniques so users feel comfortable with navigating your listings.

For the Caryard we have:

Combined the best of all tools available online and in desktop packages but made it cost competitive, non-license based and given Car Dealerships back control of their information.

1Quick Search

Our Quick Search tool help’s you find Listings, Clients, Suppliers and a Vehicle’s Status with one click.

2Purchase / Prepare Vehicles

Track and record vehicles from when you purchase them either as an import or trade-in, then record the costs in preparing them for sale to check your profit margins and room to move when selling.


Each quotation you give out is potentially a sale. Use the stored quotations for follow up by phone or email. When your quotation converts into a sale simply select the quotation and it automatically loads against the sale for VOSA.


Use the simple friendly forms to load info for the vehicle sale. Load trade-ins and deposits into the system and automatically work out monthly/weekly payment amounts.


All of our reports can be customised and saved allowing you to create your own pre-defined report formats for future use.


Most Car Dealerships Customers are repeat purchasers. In many cases up to 70% of sales are repeat customer. Because of that you need to stay in touch to continue the relationship you created when they first purchased a car from you.



Coming Soon.


Coming Soon


Saved Cars list that you can compare or revisit.