Purchase / Prepare Vehicles

Track and Record vehicles from when you purchase them either as an import or trade-in, then record the costs in preparing them for sale to check your profit margins and room to move when selling.

Add /Edit/Duplicate Listings

Enter VIN, Chassis or Plate number and all information  available for that vehicle will be extracted from Fuel Saver saving data entry and keying errors. If you havev an account with Motorweb you can also process this request and extract even more information. If you need an account with Motorweb you can signup from the listing page. This is as simple as filling out the form and selecting the images you want for the listing. If you are importing a vehicle you can also complete the Purchase Info section. Many Dealerships have similar model vehicles, our Duplicate feature does exactly that, duplcates the listing saving you having to key it in again.

Purchase Information

For vehicles you have imported you can enter the purchase cost including multiple currencies and exchange rates. This section also includes importing costs like shipping and port charges. These entries will help you gain a true cost/profit ratio of your vehicles individually and also stock report.

Expenses / Margins

Look at your actual Expense and Margin Summary plus load your Projected Values to assist with costing.

Batch Import / Expenses

Save hours a week by batch importing your list of stock from your importer (coming soon). Similarly you can Batch input your expenses from local suppliers instead of car by car.


All Printed Matter are in PDF format. This ensures there is no page overflowing and that everything fits correctly onto A4 pages. No more manually entering the same information to produce the correct CIN information.

Print Display Card

Our Window Display Card shows all vehicle features information including Fuel Saver Information label’s in a printer friendly A4 pdf.


Appraise the work your vehicle may need so you can workout the costs. Easily edit the values when selecting multiple service contractors e.g. painter, mechanics .

Purchase Agreement

Create a Purchase agreement in less than a minute. Again no re-keying of information as it is loaded automatically from other sources in our system.


Orders for Vehicles

Email or Print orders for vehicles. Simply click and select your regular Product/Service Providers.

Money Outstanding

(Coming Soon)