All of our reports can be customised and saved allowing you to create your own pre-defined report formats for future use.

Most reports can be generated for individual caryard’s or all caryard’s you manage.
They can also be automated to send you updated reports by email. Another thing you don’t have to think about come Monday morning.

Produce Reports

For each report we also provide the option of PDF, Excel or Word format so you can easily use in Microsoft Office software (Excel and Word) .

Automate Reports

We are all busy running our business and when we get a chance to take a break for a holiday it would be nice to stay in the loop without having to login and request reports. We have provided each Report section the ability to automate report generation but also to send to an email address of your choice at any pre-defined frequency. Of course you don’t need to be on holiday to use this, in fact set it as a Monday generated report and you can see a summary before your day begins.  


These are real-time stats generated by our Commercial grade Servers and are updated to the second. This summary includes hourly, daily and historic stats of all of your displayed stocklist. This is handy when comparing previous years and seeing how effective your advertising really is. Measure the results to the second. We also include your top 10 listings of all time so you can see which make of vehicle gets the most attention.


A summary report of all of your vehicles either sold or any other state or all combined. You can also select if the report has the Main vehicle photo next to the listing or not.


Reports for both Sales and Tradeins to see what split in Tradeins/Cash Deposits were made. There are many options to select from to filter your results.


This is Basically a contact list of Purchasers or Vendors depending on which sub report you want to select. With the ability to export to Excel or Word it is excellent for Mail merge campaigns or other references or campaigns..



Finance and Insurance

Report how your Finance and Insurance processing is compared to overall sales and individual vehicles. Where can you increase your commissions?


Look at what expenses you are incurring, the quantity may be grounds to request a special rate if directing $x to that supplier thus saving you costs.

Vehicle Maintenance

Keep an eye on when WOF and Rego are due to expire of your selected stock.


See how many quotes converted to sales. Compare performance by Salespersons