Why change to our system?

This is a question everyone should ask themselves. Strange thing for us to say you may think but we say it because you should have good reason to make a change from an existing system to us.

Let’s look at the first reason, Price.

Are we the cheapest, no. Are we the most expensive, no.
We aren’t the cheapest because we don’t just provide a listing tool for your website, we provide a set of Management tools to run and measure your business performance.

I don’t want to have to learn yet another system.

I agree. You want to focus on getting the best cars and selling them for the best margins. We have looked at of the main software systems being used in NZ, Australia, UK and the USA and combined the best of all.
If you have used Grant Day Dealer software before you will find  our software a breeze. We have structured our navigation and tools to encompass many of the tools they have, we have also added others and our own.

What is the difference between your software and others?

  • Our system is completely web based. This means no software is required to access your system and you can access it from anywhere via a web browser. Even on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. You are no longer tied to your desk.
  • We manage and maintain the system at our end. you can focus on what you do best. Selling cars.
  • We are available by email 24/7/365 and phone 7 days.
  • All systems are backed up daily, weekly and monthly automatically. No more manual backing up.
  • We provide full website development services. No more chasing different parties to get an answer.
  • We have worked with Dealerships for over 11 years and our system has been used by Caryard’s since 2006.
  • Your business changes like most. you can upgrade/downgrade your plan at any time. There’s no fee’s involved.
  • We can setup your account in 5 minutes and you can start loading your listings straightaway. No software, Firewalls or in house installation/setup to worry about.

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