Fuelsaver and Motorweb

Fuelsaver and Motorweb.

Our administration system provides automated input of data straight from the Government Agency Sources.

Not only does this save time but also avoids any costly keyying errors.

Simply click on the ‘Load from Fuelsaver’ button after entering either VIN, Chassis or Plate Number and all data they have in their system is loaded into your listing. No more manually going to their website and re-entering the same information to generate Fuelsaver information.


Alternatively if you have an account with Motorweb you can click on ‘Load from Motorweb’ and you will load even more information from a single click. If you don’t you can sign up in our admin section.

All information is sent via an encrypted key providing you security not avaialable otherwise.


Loading your Fuelsaver information will automatically generate a compliant Fuelsaver label with all information on it for your Window Card

Save time, Be more accurate, You are more profitable.


Fuelsaver have now loaded thousands of European vehicles that previously weren’t available!

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