W3C Web Standards

What is W3C Web Standards? Here’s the wikipedia definition

In application with website coding it is a standard of good practise and coding. At first you may think, well if it works whats the need to look pretty for the sake of it? It takes a bit longer and costs more?

The simple answer is  Search Engine Indexing.

Many, and when I say many I really mean most websites created today are slap happy coding. yes they look the same as a compliant coded website but you can miss out on critical indexing of content in your website.

It can be the difference between being on page 1 or 2 on Google and being page 15 ie you are not found.

Why aren’t all website designed to meet this standard? The main reason is many Web Developing tools allow multiple ways to create the same look and functionality. The Developer is not doing anything wrong, apart from checking the work at the end.

What’s the result of doing this? If your website is fully compliant then ALL of your content has the ability to be indexed by search engines. If it isn’t then maybe only parts of your website will be indexed because Search Engines see something that has erorrs and won’t continue through the rest of the code.

We follow W3C standards to ensure our clients the best opportunity to be found, indexed and ultimately have people purchase from you.

Check if your website is compliant now but entering the website addresses of all of your pages here http://validator.w3.org/


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